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All about the Century Project of the Deutsches Museum

The exhibitions on Museum Island are being updated and redesigned. The exhibition building is also being brought up to the latest technical standards.

Arbeiter auf der Kuppel des Weststernwarte.
Eine Familie im DNA-Labor.


Bit by bit

From top to bottom: The new exhibitions are growing bit by bit.

Kupferne Braukessel

The first returnees

Large exhibits for "Agriculture and Food" move in.

Sascha Arnold, Steffen Werner und Alexander Haas sind die Betreiber der "Frau im Mond".

Woman in the moon

News from the rooftop-restaurant.

The scrap tornado

Exhibit for the Electronics

Discarded computers, old cell phones, broken televisions ...: The scrap tornado swirls symbolically through the throwaway society in the new electronics exhibition from the end of 2021. Here we show how the new exhibit is puzzled together and explain the background.