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From clearing out and renovating the building to the plans, concepts, and building up the new exhibitions, here's the behind-the-scenes look at the project of the century.


Since October 2015, the exhibitions on Museum Island have been updated and redesigned. The exhibition building is also being brought up to the latest technical standards. This is being done in two phases so that the museum remains open. Exciting exhibitions - from planetariums to mines, from shipping to information technology - continue to await your visit on 25,000 square meters. In 2021, the first new exhibitions will reopen. In 2028, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Deutsches Museum, the building is to shine completely in new splendor.


Der Interims-Eingang wird aufgebaut.

Here it goes in (soon)!

The entrance is built.

Bit by bit

From top to bottom: The new exhibitions are growing bit by bit.

Kupferne Braukessel

First returnees

Large exhibits for "Agriculture and Food" move in.

Der Kernkörper als Experimentierbereich.

Atomic Physics

Small particles with huge power.

Die App zeigt Infos zum Lilienthalgleiter.

Your digital companion

The Deutsches Museum App.

Licht ist Wärme: An den Bildschrimen wird die Wärmesignatur der Vorbeigehenden sichtbar.

Connection with light

The new connecting walkway to the Centre for New Technologies is provided with colourful light-demonstrations.

Spulen in einer Vitrine.

Electrifying lookout

Objects from the new Electronic exhibition.

Sascha Arnold, Steffen Werner und Alexander Haas sind die Betreiber der "Frau im Mond".

Woman in the moon

New catering on top of the renovated aerospace-hall.

Skizze des Mikroskopischen Theaters

Classical Optics

Phenomena of the visible world.

Blick in die Ausstellung

Model railway

Big enthusiasm on small tracks.

Historische Kameras in der Vitrine.

Photography and Film

Technology behind images.

Die hölzernen Hände des Flötenspielers.

The flute player

The next exhibit for the future Robotics Section is now being built in our workshops.

Lupinenmodell aus dem Modul der Zukunftspreisgewinner von 2014.

The German Future Prize

The exhibition on the Federal President's Award – popularly known as the German Future Prize – was the first section to be updated as part of the modernisation programme.

Blick auf die Treppe zur Bibliothek mit Turbine im Vordergrund.

The construction fence is gone

The area in front of the library has been freshly paved and is once again freely accessible.

Der große Musiksaal ist leer, auch die Orgeln sind abgebaut.

Everything's out!

The museum has completely cleared out the exhibition areas being modernised in the first phase, from now until 2021.

Blick in die Ausstellung (grafischer Entwurf).


Fun to the power of three!